OFW Coverage in the SSS shall be compulsory upon all sea-based and land-based OFWs provided they are not over sixty (60) years of age.

An OFW refers to a person who is to be engaged, is engaged or has been engaged in a remunerated activity in a State of which he/she is not a citizen, or on-board a vessel navigating the foreign seas other than a government ship used for military or non-commercial purposes, or on an installation located offshore or on the high seas. A “person to be engaged in a remunerated activity” refers to an applicant worker who has been promised or assured employment overseas.

An OFW shall be allowed to register for initial coverage with the SSS up to the day of their 60th birthday.

Meanwhile, Filipino permanent migrants, including Filipino immigrants, permanent residents and naturalized citizens of their host countries may be covered by the SSS on a voluntary basis.

See Bilateral Agreements


To become an SSS member, a prospective member should first secure a Social Security (SS) number through the SSS Website ( Remember that the assigned SS number is a unique lifetime number that must always be used in all SSS transactions. Immediately get in touch with any local SSS branches in the Philippines or foreign representative office for verification of SS number. DO NOT APPLY FOR A NEW NUMBER.

See Become an SSS member

Overseas Filipinos who are already SSS members (i.e., with SS Number) prior to deployment abroad can immediately resume payment of contributions using the Payment Reference Number (PRN) and payor type is Overseas Filipino Worker. This shall automatically trigger change in coverage status from EE/SE/VM/Prior Registrant to OFW-member once payment is validated. This shall also be deemed as the OFW-member’s declaration that they have been separated from employment with previous ERs in the Philippines and/or has ceased to be an SE.

See Generate a Payment Reference Number

An OFW may also apply for membership in the SSS Flexi-Fund Program simultaneously upon securing an SS number through My.SSS or online in the e-services menu of members My.SSS account or over-the-counter (OTC) using the Flexi-fund Enrollment Form (for registrants with existing SS Number), provided that the declared monthly earnings is based on the maximum MSC. For online enrollment, member’s current coverage status must be an OFW.

See Flexi Fund Program

Coverage for an OFW member takes effect on the applicable month and year of the first contribution payment.

Changes in member’s data should be reported immediately to the nearest SSS Office by accomplishing Member’s Data Amendment Form (SS Form E-4) with the required supporting documents. The member should present the original/certified true copy and submit the photocopy to SSS. Simple corrections may be done through your My.SSS Account.

See Become an SSS member > Managing your Membership Details

Duties and Responsibilities

OFW members should :

  1. Pay contributions monthly or quarterly using the Statement of Account (SOA) containing the Payment Reference Number (PRN) in accordance with the prescribed schedule of payment;
  2. Be current in the payment of salary loan amortizations through Loans Payment Reference Number to avoid penalties on late payments and deductions from his/her benefits because of past due loans;
  3. Register in the My.SSS facility at the SSS Website ( to have online access to SSS records.
  4. Enroll Disbursement Account in My.SSS account thru the SSS website.
  5. Monitor the posting of contributions and loan payments either through online verification in the SSS Website, SSS mobile app, or via the SSS Call Center or Text SSS;
  6. Keep personal records updated and correct by submitting a completed Member Data Change Request Form (SS Form E-4) together with the corresponding supporting document/s to avoid delays in the processing of benefit claims;
  7. Know the changes and improvements in the SSS policies and benefit program to continue to be eligible as well as to fully enjoy benefits; and
  8. Apply for a Unified Multi-purpose Identification (UMID) card, if eligible.


Effects of non-reporting and non-remittance of contribution

An OFW may pay contributions from the earliest applicable month covered by the payment deadline for OFWs. The months beyond the deadline and without posted contributions are already considered as “gaps”, and back-payment to fill in those gaps (i.e., retroactive payment of contributions) is not allowed.

Even when there are periods when no contributions are remitted, the benefits and loan privileges provided by the SSS can still be availed of, as long as the OFW-member meets the qualifying conditions for entitlement thereto.

Contribution and Payment

The amount of monthly contribution to be paid by OFW-members is always based on the latest Schedule of Contributions issued by the SSS. 

See Pay Contributions and Loans

  1. The monthly earnings declared by an OFW in Personal Record Form at the time of registration shall be the basis of the initial MSC and the corresponding amount of monthly contribution, but in no case shall it be lower than the prevailing MSC for OFWs.
  2. The OFW is not required to present proof of declared monthly earnings.


OFWs may remit their contributions through any of the following channels:

  • SSS Branches with Tellering Facilities
  • SSS-accredited banks
  • Electronic Payment Facilities
  • Automatic Debit Arrangement
  • Overseas Electronic Payment Channel Participating overseas branches, remittance offices and authorized agents of SSS-accredited collection partners


See list of Payment Channels
See Pay Contributions and Loans

Changing the MSC

a. For the initial contribution payment, an OFW shall be allowed to change MSC to an MSC higher or lower than the one indicated at the time of registration, depending on actual deployment and realization of earnings abroad without having to present any proof thereof, provided that the new MSC is not lower than the prevailing minimum MSC for OFWs. Said contribution shall be deemed as the new declaration of earnings and shall be the basis in determining compliance with the allowable change in succeeding MSC.

b. A land based OFW member who is below fifty-five (55) years old shall be allowed to change his/her MSC without limit in frequency and in number of salary brackets in a given calendar year, but in no case shall it be lower than the prevailing minimum MSC for OFWs. Submission of written request or declaration of earnings is not required.

c. A land based OFW member who is 55 years old and above shall be allowed to increase his/her MSC only once in a given calendar year and by one (1) salary bracket only from the last posted MSC, regardless of whether proof of earnings is presented or not, except for the following cases whereby certain rules shall apply accordingly:

    • In case of a change in his/her membership type from employed/self-employed/voluntary to OFW member for the first time, he/she shall be allowed to increase his/her MSC without limit and without having to present proof of earnings; and
    • In case of a higher maximum MSC under a new applicable schedule of contributions, he/she shall be allowed to increase his/her MSC up to the new maximum MSC, without having to present proof of earnings, provided that his/her last posted MSC corresponds to the maximum MSC under the immediately preceding schedule of contributions.

The corresponding MSC of the first contribution in the above cases shall be the basis in determining compliance with the allowable change in succeeding MSC. No limit shall be imposed in case of decrease in MSC, but in no case shall it be lower than the prevailing minimum MSC for OFWs

 d. An OFW member may opt to pay his/her monthly contributions in advance regardless of the number of months or years. However, he/she may be required to settle underpayment/s in the future resulting from any policy change affecting the applicable schedule of contributions for the advance payments made.

OFWs may pay their contributions anytime during the applicable year, through the mandatory use of Payment Reference Number (PRN) that can be generated from the My.SSS facility.

Contributions of OFWs for January to September of a given year may be paid up to December 31st within the same year. Contributions for the months of October to December of a given year may be paid on or before January 31st of the succeeding year.

However, no contribution paid retroactively by an OFW-member based on their contribution deadline shall be used in determining his/her eligibility to any benefit arising from a contingency wherein the payment date is within or after the semester of contingency.

OFWs can also pay their contributions in advance, regardless of the number of months or years.

However, in case of changes in the SSS contribution rate or MSC that are approved and implemented in the interim period, those who paid in advance may incur underpayments or out-of-level/ineffective payments. To ensure that their contributions are retained at the intended MSC level, affected members must settle the underpayment; otherwise, their contributions would be posted at the applicable lower MSC level.

Advanced payments are only considered for the computation of loans and benefits when the month corresponding to the payment has transpired.

See Pay Contributions and Loans

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