We are pleased to announce Executive vacancies in SSS approved for filling up.

Kindly be advised to read the whole announcement for guidance on qualifications, application and submission requirements.

Qualification Requirements

All applicants must meet the minimum Qualification Standards (QS) of the position and must be compliant to other internal rules as of date of assessment of OPSD. The date of assessment for all positions shall be the tenth (10th) working day after the application deadline.

Factors for assessment:

  • CSC-approved QS of the position for: Education, Experience, Training, and Eligibility.
  • Performance Ratings: Must have Very Satisfactory (VS) ratings in the 1st Semester of 2022 and 2nd Semester of 2021 for rank and file applicants and VS rating in 2021 for executive managerial applicants
  • Incumbency rule: Should have obtained at least VS performance rating for one year in the present position (including those acquired due to movement as a result of lateral transfer) before being considered for promotion, reappointment, transfer or another lateral transfer.
  • Relative rule: Must not have more than one (1) relative within the third degree of consanguinity or affinityMust not apply to a unit or office where the relative is:
    a) Head of the office
    b) Immediate supervisor of concerned vacancy
  • Salary-grade rule: In view of the authority to implement the CPCS in SSS received on 01 June 2022, Sec. 97 of CSC MC No. 14, s. 2018 shall be followed which provides that:”An employee may be promoted to a position which is not more than three (3) salary grade, pay or job grades higher than the employee’s present position. All appointments issued in violation of this policy shall be disapproved/invalidated, except when the promotional appointment falls within the purview of any of the following exceptions:a. The position occupied by the person is next-in-rank to the vacant position as identified in the Merit Selection Plan and the System of Ranking Positions (SRP) of the agency.b. The vacant position is a lone or entrance position, as indicated in the agency staffing pattern.

    c. The vacant position is hard to fill, such as Accountant, Medical Officer/Specialist, Attorney, or Information Technology Officer/Computer Programmer positions.

    d. The vacant position is unique and/or highly specialized, such as Actuarial, Airways Communicator positions.

    e. The candidates passed through a deep selection process, taking into consideration the candidates’ superior qualifications in regard to:

    • Education achievements
    • Highly specialized trainings
    • Relevant work experience
    • Consistent high performance rating/ranking”

The salary grade limitation shall apply only to promotion within the agency. This prohibition shall not apply to the following human resource actions which involve issuance of an appointment:

    • transfer incidental to promotion provided that the appointee was subjected to deep selection
    • reappointment involving promotion from non-career to career provided the appointee was subjected to deep selection
    • reappointment from career to non-career position
    • reclassification of position
  • Administrative Case: Guidelines pursuant to the CSC Revised Rules on Administrative Cases in the Civil Service (RRACCS) shall be followed.
  • Promotion within six (6) months prior to compulsory retirement shall not be allowed except as otherwise provided by law, hence applicants who expect to retire within the said period cannot apply.

All assessment results shall be forwarded to the Human Resource Merit Promotion and Selection Board (HRMPSB) for Executive Managerial Positions.

The appointing authority shall be guided by the report on the HRMPSB’s assessment of candidates and in the exercise of sound discretion, select, insofar as practicable, from among the top five (5) candidates or less, depending on the number of candidates deemed most qualified for appointment to the vacant position.

The appointing authorities are:

Social Security Commission for Deputy Commission Clerk, Vice President,
Senior Vice President and Executive Vice President positions
President and CEO for Assistant Branch Head, Branch Heads I/II/III and
Department Managers II/III positions

All executive managerial appointments shall be confirmed by the Social Security Commission.

Application Requirements

  1. All interested applicants shall apply to one (1) vacancy only. Applicants may however signify their intent to be considered in comparable vacancies with the same qualification requirements should there be the need or opportunity. If with pending applications in previous announcements, position prioritized or preferred shall also be indicated.
  2. Applicants shall fill up the following forms appropriately: (Please fill up the items as specified in TYPEWRITTEN FORM and do not leave any blanks, write N/A for not applicable items)


No. of Copies

Application Form for Promotion/Appointment
(Attached to this advisory as Annex C)

One (1) original

*Notarized CSC Form 212 or Personal Data Sheet with latest passport size picture (white background, business attire)
(Attached to this advisory as Annex D)
*Or signed/certified by Administering Officer

Two (2) original

*Notarized Work Experience Sheet (Attached to this advisory as Annex D.1)

Two (2) original

For validation of applications, supporting documents are required such as but not limited to:

  • Transcript of Records and Certificate of Graduation (Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree, if any). For recently completed educational degrees, a certification of completion of all course requirements by the School Registrar may be submitted pending the release of the Official Transcript of Records by the school.
  • Certificate of Eligibility, Bar/Board Rating

For positions requiring training:

  • Certificates and Modules of trainings and seminars (relevant only to application)

For positions requiring experience:

  • Certifications/Personnel Orders (PO) of current and previous additional/concurrent designations, if any, (relevant only to application) and accomplishment reports, performance ratings and IPCRs and other documents to support the certifications / POs
  • Employment Certification / Service Record in previous employment, if any, (relevant only to application) and job descriptions certified only by authorized human resource personnel and/or supervisors

Please be advised that assessment shall be based on available and submitted documents. Personal verification with applicants through email or phone by OPSD shall no longer be done, except for essential necessary clarifications, during the evaluation/assessment period.

3. Only those who file/submit their applications within the deadline shall be considered in the assessment of applicants for the announced vacancies.

4. A written notice and explanation is required to be submitted immediately for a withdrawn application.

Submission Guidelines


  1. Convert accomplished Application Form and Notarized Personal Data Sheet and all supporting documents you wish to submit in separate PDF Forms: e.g. Application Form.pdf, PDS.pdf, Training.pdf, Cert. of Employment.pdf, Cert of Eigibility.pdf, Transcript of Records.pdf; etc.
  2. Create Applicant Folder with your name as folder/file name. e.g. JUAN DELA CRUZ
  3. Create sub-folder with vacancy code of position being applied for as sub-folder name. e.g. 20ARF0001. Please check if you have the correct vacancy code of the position you wish to apply to. In case of discrepancy, the vacancy code shall prevail.
  4. Attach PDF copies of the forms and all documents in the sub-folder.
  5. Email your Applicant Folder in Zipped form to hrrecruitment@sss.gov.ph with Subject:
    your name and vacancy code.The hrrecruitment@sss.gov.ph is the official SSS mailbox for external applications, please do not send to other email addresses.
  6. Kindly print and keep two original hard copies of the notarized Personal Data Sheet with Work Experience Sheet as these may be required for submission later.



For other queries and concerns, you may contact the following SSS-HR, OPSD employees thru Tel. Nos. (632) 8709-7198: Local 5472/5574 – Ms. Sally Magsino-Valencerina/Mr. Lorenz Francis Junsay Local 6306 – Mr. Mike Arcena