Since the early 1980s, the Philippines, with the SSS taking the lead, has pursued the establishment of social security agreements (SSAs) with other countries that host Filipino migrants. Provisions of these international treaties are compliant with the standards set under 1982 ILO Convention No. 157 on the Maintenance of Social Security Rights with respect to persons working or residing outside their own country.

There are four salient features of these agreements aimed at reducing or eliminating nationality-and territory-based restrictions on social security:

  1. Equality of treatment, which entitles a covered worker to social security benefits under the same conditions as nationals of the host country;
  2. Export of benefits, which allows a covered worker to continue receiving his social security benefits wherever he decides to reside, whether in the Philippines, the host country or even in a third country;
  3. Totalization of insurance periods, which provides for combining creditable periods of covered workers under the social security schemes of the Philippines and the host country, to determine eligibility to benefits and manner of calculation of benefit payment (usually on a proportional-sharing basis); and
  4. Mutual administrative assistance, which facilitates coordination between social security institution/s of the Philippines and the host country, through their designated liaison offices, to extend assistance to covered workers and handle matters pertaining to implementation of the agreement.

Apart from the above salient features, SSAs coordinate the Philippines’ social security programs with the comparable programs of other countries. As such, these address problems on dual coverage (coverage under the systems of two countries for the same work) and dual payment of contributions.

To date, the Philippines has established the following SSAs:


Country Entry into Force Agreement/Convention Administrative Arrangement (AA)/

Implementing Agreement (IA)

Downloadable Forms
Austria 1 April 1982 PH-Austria Convention

PH-Austria Supplementary

PH-Austria IA PH-AUSTRIA Forms
Belgium 1 August 2005 PH-Belgium Convention PH-Belgium AA PH-BELGIUM Forms
Canada 1 March 1997 PH-Canada Agreement

PH-Canada Supplementary

PH-Canada AA PH-CANADA Forms
Denmark 1 December 2015 PH-Denmark Agreement PH-Denmark AA PH-DENMARK Forms
France 1 November 1994 PH-France Convention PH-France AA PH-FRANCE Forms
Germany 1 June 2018 PH-Germany SSA PH-Germany AA PH-GERMANY Forms
Japan 1 August 2018 PH-Japan SSA PH-Japan AA PH-JAPAN Forms
Luxembourg 1 January 2020 PH-Luxembourg SAA PH-Luxembourg AA PH-LUXEMBOURG Forms
Netherlands 10 April 2001 PH-Netherlands AA


PH-Netherlands Procedures

PH-Netherlands Supplementary

Portugal 1 October 2017 PH-Portugal SSA PH-Portugal AA PH-PORTUGAL Forms
Quebec 1 November 1998 PH-Quebec Understanding

PH-Quebec Amendment

PH-Quebec AA PH-QUEBEC Forms
Spain 1 October 1989 PH-Spain Convention

PH-Spain Amendment

PH-Spain AA PH-SPAIN Forms
Sweden 1 November 2019 PH-Sweden SSA PH-Sweden AA PH-SWEDEN Forms
Switzerland 1 March 2004 PH-Switzerland Agreement PH-Switzerland AA PH-SWITZERLAND Forms
UK and Northern Ireland 1 December 1989 PH-UK SSA PH-UK AA PH-UK Forms